John Henry Brown grave monument in Blackwood , Blackwood, Victoria, Australia

John Henry Brown grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
John Henry Brown
17/08/20138728/09/1926first name on monument
Judy Brown
daughter of John Henry Brown
Jenny Brown
daughter of John Henry Brown
Robina Brown
daughter-in-law of John Henry Brown
Kathryn Brown
grand daughter of John Henry Brown
Nicole Brown
grand daughter of John Henry Brown
Barry Brown
son of John Henry Brown
Peter Edward Brown
03/09/20085402/06/1954son of John Henry Brown
Rodney Brown
son of John Henry Brown
Lorna Brown
wife of John Henry BrownDeceased
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image: P1180219
grave: 575705
Joseph Peter Cruise
image number P1180219
image: P1180220
grave: 575706
Joseph Cruise
image number P1180220
image: P1180221
grave: 575707
Pauline Bonfond
image number P1180221
image: P1180222
grave: 575708
Leonard Seymour
image number P1180222
image: P1180223
grave: 575709
Mary Sweet
image number P1180223
image: P1180224
grave: 575710
Jane Dunleavy
image number P1180224
image: P1180225
grave: 575711
Edward James Wilson
image number P1180225
image: P1180226
grave: 575712
Michael Lee
image number P1180226
image: P1180227
grave: 575713
George Robinson Taylor
image number P1180227
image: P1180228
grave: 575714
William Coomber
image number P1180228
image: P1180229
grave: 575715
John Henry Brown
image number P1180229
image: P1180230
grave: 575716
Sharene Grace Parsons
image number P1180230
image: P1180231
grave: 575717
Ian Albert Grundy
image number P1180231
image: P1180232
grave: 575718
William Alexander Matheson
image number P1180232
image: P1180233
grave: 575719
Elsie May Doolen
image number P1180233
image: P1180235
grave: 575720
Mary Rogers
image number P1180235

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