Gravestone Photographs Resource breadcrumb list for grave 575671Details of grave number 575671 at Blackwood Blackwood for Mary Callaghan

Mary Callaghan grave monument in Blackwood cemetery, Blackwood, Victoria, Australia

Mary Callaghan grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Mary Callaghan nee Johnson
Joseph Johnson
father of Mary Callaghan
James Callaghan
03/10/1935831852husband of Mary Callaghan
Mary Johnson
mother of Mary Callaghan
Joseph (Joe) Callaghan
07/04/1953711882son of Mary Callaghan

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image: P1180165
grave: 575661
Walter Guppy
image number P1180165
image: P1180166
grave: 575662
William Livy
image number P1180166
image: P1180167
grave: 575663
William Matthew Sweet
image number P1180167
image: P1180168
grave: 575664
Eva May Parker
image number P1180168
image: P1180169
grave: 575665
Noel James Lane
image number P1180169
image: P1180170
grave: 575666
Thomas Richard Dunn
image number P1180170
image: P1180171
grave: 575667
Charles Dunn
image number P1180171
image: P1180172
grave: 575668
Olive Bertha Meadows
image number P1180172
image: P1180174
grave: 575669
William Wall
image number P1180174
image: P1180178
grave: 575670
Grace Allan
image number P1180178
image: P1180179
grave: 575671
Mary Callaghan
image number P1180179
image: P1180180
grave: 575672
George Nelson
image number P1180180
image: P1180181
grave: 575673
James Horace Mackie
image number P1180181
image: P1180182
grave: 575674
Wilfred Darwen
image number P1180182
image: P1180183
grave: 575675
Isabella Anne Shaw
image number P1180183
image: P1180184
grave: 575676
Henry Turner
image number P1180184
image: P1180187
grave: 575677
William Byres
image number P1180187
image: P1180188
grave: 575678
William Shaw
image number P1180188
image: P1180189
grave: 575679
Frances Ann Challenger Ritson
image number P1180189
image: P1180190
grave: 575680
Harold Gamil Robinson
image number P1180190
image: P1180191
grave: 575681
William Strangman
image number P1180191

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