William Davies Broad grave monument in Blackwood , Blackwood, Victoria, Australia

William Davies Broad grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
William Davies Broad
16/08/1923631860first name on monument
Pearl Victoria Broad
17/04/1909111898daughter of William Davies Broad
William Broad
father of William Davies Broad
Sarah Broad nee Davis
mother of William Davies Broad
Leonard Eric Broad
10/09/1963611902son of William Davies Broad
Julia Broad
22/05/1938801858sister of William Davies Broad
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image: P1180029
grave: 575549
Frank Jennings Stobie
image number P1180029
image: P1180030
grave: 575550
James Hickman
image number P1180030
image: P1180031
grave: 575551
William Edward Noall
image number P1180031
image: P1180032
grave: 575552
John Jones
image number P1180032
image: P1180033
grave: 575553
Nicholas Fine Terrill
image number P1180033
image: P1180034
grave: 575554
Thomas Burgess
image number P1180034
image: P1180035
grave: 575555
Philip Maynard Broad
image number P1180035
image: P1180036
grave: 575556
Richard Goodge
image number P1180036
image: P1180037
grave: 575557
Alfred Martin
image number P1180037
image: P1180038
grave: 575558
Elizabeth Madden
image number P1180038
image: P1180039
grave: 575559
William Davies Broad
image number P1180039
image: P1180042
grave: 575560
Benjamin Hosking
image number P1180042
image: P1180043
grave: 575561
Betsy Trewhella
image number P1180043
image: P1180044
grave: 575562
Annie Williams
image number P1180044
image: P1180045
grave: 575563
Emma Mabel Byrne
image number P1180045
image: P1180046
grave: 575564
John Roy Fary
image number P1180046
image: P1180047
grave: 575565
Peter Derek Rappolt
image number P1180047
image: P1180048
grave: 575566
Judy Brown
image number P1180048
image: P1180049
grave: 575567
Barbara Bosman
image number P1180049
image: P1180050
grave: 575568
Nadia Jadwiga Wroblewski
image number P1180050
image: P1180051
grave: 575569
Evelyn Mitchell
image number P1180051

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