Gravestone Photographs Resource breadcrumb list for grave 575140Details of grave number 575140 at Royal Naval Isle of Portland for Herbert D Milton

Herbert D Milton grave monument in Royal Naval military cemetery, Isle of Portland, Dorset, England

Herbert D Milton grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
O s Herbert D Milton

Breadcrumb trail images to help find Herbert D Milton grave location

(10 thumbnails before and after the grave with GPR number 575140)

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image: DSC_2054
grave: 575130
Stanley Chambers
image number DSC_2054
image: DSC_2055
grave: 575131
Joel Turner Laurence
image number DSC_2055
image: DSC_2056
grave: 575132
Ernest Henry Randolph
image number DSC_2056
image: DSC_2057
grave: 575133
Arthur Sydney Bording
image number DSC_2057
image: DSC_2058
grave: 575134
John Smith
image number DSC_2058
image: DSC_2059
grave: 575135
James Wilkinson
image number DSC_2059
image: DSC_2060
grave: 575136
Arthur Bone
image number DSC_2060
image: DSC_2061
grave: 575137
R Parr
image number DSC_2061
image: DSC_2062
grave: 575138
C Sutton
image number DSC_2062
image: DSC_2063
grave: 575139
John George Whitton
image number DSC_2063
image: DSC_2064
grave: 575140
Herbert D Milton
image number DSC_2064
image: DSC_2065
grave: 575141
George William Ellis
image number DSC_2065
image: DSC_2066
grave: 575142
Alfred Lean
image number DSC_2066
image: DSC_2067
grave: 575143
Frederick W Baggs
image number DSC_2067
image: DSC_2068
grave: 575144
Vernon G Tripp
image number DSC_2068
image: DSC_2069
grave: 575145
Thomas Day
image number DSC_2069
image: DSC_2070
grave: 575146
William Ewart Merry
image number DSC_2070
image: DSC_2071
grave: 575147
Arthur Walter Vincent Rowantree
image number DSC_2071
image: DSC_2072
grave: 575148
Alexander Phillips
image number DSC_2072
image: DSC_2073
grave: 575149
Archibald Frank Cluckert
image number DSC_2073
image: DSC_2074
grave: 575150
Walter John Silom
image number DSC_2074

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