Gravestone Photographs Resource breadcrumb list for grave 575139Details of grave number 575139 at Royal Naval Isle of Portland for John George Whitton

John George Whitton grave monument in Royal Naval military cemetery, Isle of Portland, Dorset, England

John George Whitton grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Stoker John George Whitton

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image: DSC_2053
grave: 575129
Frances Elizabeth Fuller
image number DSC_2053
image: DSC_2054
grave: 575130
Stanley Chambers
image number DSC_2054
image: DSC_2055
grave: 575131
Joel Turner Laurence
image number DSC_2055
image: DSC_2056
grave: 575132
Ernest Henry Randolph
image number DSC_2056
image: DSC_2057
grave: 575133
Arthur Sydney Bording
image number DSC_2057
image: DSC_2058
grave: 575134
John Smith
image number DSC_2058
image: DSC_2059
grave: 575135
James Wilkinson
image number DSC_2059
image: DSC_2060
grave: 575136
Arthur Bone
image number DSC_2060
image: DSC_2061
grave: 575137
R Parr
image number DSC_2061
image: DSC_2062
grave: 575138
C Sutton
image number DSC_2062
image: DSC_2063
grave: 575139
John George Whitton
image number DSC_2063
image: DSC_2064
grave: 575140
Herbert D Milton
image number DSC_2064
image: DSC_2065
grave: 575141
George William Ellis
image number DSC_2065
image: DSC_2066
grave: 575142
Alfred Lean
image number DSC_2066
image: DSC_2067
grave: 575143
Frederick W Baggs
image number DSC_2067
image: DSC_2068
grave: 575144
Vernon G Tripp
image number DSC_2068
image: DSC_2069
grave: 575145
Thomas Day
image number DSC_2069
image: DSC_2070
grave: 575146
William Ewart Merry
image number DSC_2070
image: DSC_2071
grave: 575147
Arthur Walter Vincent Rowantree
image number DSC_2071
image: DSC_2072
grave: 575148
Alexander Phillips
image number DSC_2072
image: DSC_2073
grave: 575149
Archibald Frank Cluckert
image number DSC_2073

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