Thomas Woodbury grave monument in St Mary Magdalen , Ripley, Surrey, England

Thomas Woodbury grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Thomas Woodbury
1884181767first name on monument
Walter Woodbury
1913 son of Thomas Woodbury
Elizabeth Patience Woodbury
1899182673wife of Thomas Woodbury
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image: p31
grave: 57371
Sarah Ann Greenfield
image number p31
image: p34
grave: 57372
Mary Greenfield
image number p34
image: p38
grave: 57373
Arthur Percy Impey
image number p38
image: p40
grave: 57374
Mary Backhurst
image number p40
image: p41
grave: 57375
George Robert Sheppard
image number p41
image: p43
grave: 57376
Charles Brown
image number p43
image: p46
grave: 57377
Caroline Langrish
image number p46
image: p52
grave: 57378
William Woodger
image number  p52
image: p54
grave: 57379
Elizabeth Hawkes
image number p54
image: p55
grave: 57380
Frances Hooper
image number p55
image: p56
grave: 57381
Thomas Woodbury
image number p56
image: p57
grave: 57382
Elizabeth Daws
image number p57
image: p59
grave: 57383
William Mitchell
image number p59
image: p62
grave: 57384
James Gwinn
image number p62
image: p65
grave: 57385
John Pullen
image number p65
image: p66
grave: 57386
Robert Steer
image number p66
image: p67
grave: 57387
William Elston
image number p67
image: p68
grave: 57388
Ethel Mary Fuller
image number p68
image: p69
grave: 57389
Peggy Marsh
image number p69
image: p70
grave: 57390
Jack Enticknap
image number p70
image: p71
grave: 57391
David Jarman
image number p71

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