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Sarah Elfick grave monument in St Margaret the Queen burial ground, Buxted, Sussex, England

Sarah Elfick grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Sarah Elfick
Edward Elfick
husband of Sarah Elfick
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Breadcrumb trail images to help find Sarah Elfick grave location

(40 thumbnails before and after the grave with GPR number 569425)

The following thumbnail images are the 40 taken before and 40 after the one for Sarah Elfick was taken.

The grave monument thumbnail image for Sarah Elfick below has a background colour of green to help identify it.

Hopefully some of these thumbnails will help you locate the Sarah Elfick grave.

image: DSC_0385
grave: 569385
James Friend
image number DSC_0385
image: DSC_0386
grave: 569386
Thomas Lidbetter
image number DSC_0386
image: DSC_0387
grave: 569387
Christiana Valentina Lidbetter
image number DSC_0387
image: DSC_0388
grave: 569388
Ann Thomas Holland
image number DSC_0388
image: DSC_0389
grave: 569389
George Holland
image number DSC_0389
image: DSC_0390
grave: 569390
Ann Poussard
image number DSC_0390
image: DSC_0391
grave: 569391
Mary Ann Skinner
image number DSC_0391
image: DSC_0392
grave: 569392
Richard Dray
image number DSC_0392
image: DSC_0393
grave: 569393
William Watkins
image number DSC_0393
image: DSC_0394
grave: 569394
James Norman
image number DSC_0394
image: DSC_0395
grave: 569395
Edward Norman
image number DSC_0395
image: DSC_0396
grave: 569396
Lucy Dale
image number DSC_0396
image: DSC_0397
grave: 569397
Sarah White
image number DSC_0397
image: DSC_0398
grave: 569398
Richard Jeffery
image number DSC_0398
image: DSC_0399
grave: 569399
Thomas Foot
image number DSC_0399
image: DSC_0400
grave: 569400
Edward Rogers
image number DSC_0400
image: DSC_0401
grave: 569401
Mary Rogers
image number DSC_0401
image: DSC_0402
grave: 569402
Fanney Cottingham
image number DSC_0402
image: DSC_0404
grave: 569403
Sarah Hammond
image number DSC_0404
image: DSC_0405
grave: 569404
John Jarratt
image number DSC_0405
image: DSC_0406
grave: 569405
William Brown
image number DSC_0406
image: DSC_0409
grave: 569406
Sarah Stapley
image number DSC_0409
image: DSC_0410
grave: 569407
John Stapley
image number DSC_0410
image: DSC_0411
grave: 569408
Elizabeth Kenward
image number DSC_0411
image: DSC_0412
grave: 569409
Eliza Annie Trueman
image number DSC_0412
image: DSC_0413
grave: 569410
Thomas Baker
image number DSC_0413
image: DSC_0413
grave: 569411
Elizabeth Wilmot
image number DSC_0413
image: DSC_0414
grave: 569412
Adam Carrick
image number DSC_0414
image: DSC_0415
grave: 569413
John Carrick
image number DSC_0415
image: DSC_0416
grave: 569414
John Carrick
image number DSC_0416
image: DSC_0417
grave: 569415
William Burnall
image number DSC_0417
image: DSC_0418
grave: 569416
Sarah Willett
image number DSC_0418
image: DSC_0419
grave: 569417
Elizabeth Dadswell
image number DSC_0419
image: DSC_0420
grave: 569418
David Garrett
image number DSC_0420
image: DSC_0421
grave: 569419
Nicholas Garrett
image number DSC_0421
image: DSC_0422
grave: 569420
Sarah Winter
image number DSC_0422
image: DSC_0423
grave: 569421
Ann Ware
image number DSC_0423
image: DSC_0424
grave: 569422
Christopher Chrippes
image number DSC_0424
image: DSC_0425
grave: 569423
Thomas Sevenokes
image number DSC_0425
image: DSC_0426
grave: 569424
John Cornwell
image number DSC_0426
image: DSC_0427
grave: 569425
Sarah Elfick
image number DSC_0427
image: DSC_0428
grave: 569426
James Coe
image number DSC_0428
image: DSC_0429
grave: 569427
Thomas Coe
image number DSC_0429
image: DSC_0430
grave: 569428
Richard Mougrig
image number DSC_0430
image: DSC_0431
grave: 569429
Thomas Gower Gosden
image number DSC_0431
image: DSC_0432
grave: 569430
Thomas Turk
image number DSC_0432
image: DSC_0433
grave: 569431
Mary Parsons
image number DSC_0433
image: DSC_0434
grave: 569432
Lucy Brown
image number DSC_0434
image: DSC_0435
grave: 569433
Martin De Vinall
image number DSC_0435
image: DSC_0436
grave: 569434
Henry Kingsland
image number DSC_0436
image: DSC_0437
grave: 569435
Ann Smith
image number DSC_0437
image: DSC_0438
grave: 569436
George Collins
image number DSC_0438
image: DSC_0438
grave: 569437
Amelia Ann Collins
image number DSC_0438
image: DSC_0439
grave: 569438
Martha Hollands
image number DSC_0439
image: DSC_0440
grave: 569439
Richard Walter
image number DSC_0440
image: DSC_0441
grave: 569440
Sally Duplock
image number DSC_0441
image: DSC_0442
grave: 569441
Amelia Sophia Killick
image number DSC_0442
image: DSC_0443
grave: 569442
Sally Duplock
image number DSC_0443

Less thumbnails will be displayed if Sarah Elfick grave photograph was takens either near the beginning or the end of the photographic session. Instead of an image you will see one or more small boxes similar to the one shown below:

If you use this system to help find a grave, please let others know how well it went by using the GPR comments system.

This breadcrumb trail system was added to the GPR on 15th August 2016.