Gravestone Photographs Resource breadcrumb list for grave 569238Details of grave number 569238 at St Simon and St Jude East Dean for Eliza Baker

Eliza Baker grave monument in St Simon and St Jude burial ground, East Dean, Sussex, England

Eliza Baker grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Eliza Baker
William Baker
husband of Eliza Baker

Breadcrumb trail images to help find Eliza Baker grave location

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image: DSC_0419
grave: 569228
Richard Scrase
image number DSC_0419
image: DSC_0420
grave: 569229
Richard Ashby
image number DSC_0420
image: DSC_0421
grave: 569230
Maria Ashby
image number DSC_0421
image: DSC_0422
grave: 569231
Elizabeth Ashby
image number DSC_0422
image: DSC_0422
grave: 569232
Mary Ann Ashby
image number DSC_0422
image: DSC_0423
grave: 569233
John Ashby
image number DSC_0423
image: DSC_0425
grave: 569234
Thomas Constable
image number DSC_0425
image: DSC_0426
grave: 569235
John Pearce
image number DSC_0426
image: DSC_0427
grave: 569236
Mercy Michell
image number DSC_0427
image: DSC_0428
grave: 569237
John Miller
image number DSC_0428
image: DSC_0430
grave: 569238
Eliza Baker
image number DSC_0430
image: DSC_0431
grave: 569239
Susan Winchester
image number DSC_0431
image: DSC_0432
grave: 569240
Thomas Breach
image number DSC_0432
image: DSC_0433
grave: 569241
Charles Alfred Thomas Anderson
image number DSC_0433
image: DSC_0434
grave: 569242
George Wallace
image number DSC_0434
image: DSC_0435
grave: 569243
Elizabeth Worger
image number DSC_0435
image: DSC_0436
grave: 569244
Ann Worger
image number DSC_0436

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