Gravestone Photographs Resource breadcrumb list for grave 563966Details of grave number 563966 at St Peter and St Paul Shoreham for Richard Bowles

Richard Bowles grave monument in St Peter and St Paul burial ground, Shoreham, Kent, England

Richard Bowles grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Richard Bowles
Ann Shirley Feak nee Bowles
1909781831daughter of Richard Bowles
John Shirley Bowles
1850201830son of Richard Bowles
Frederick Bowles
1861351826son of Richard Bowles
Robert Bowles
1864351829son of Richard Bowles
W M Feak
son-in-law of Richard Bowles
Mary Bowles
1864631801wife of Richard Bowles

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image: DSC_0070
grave: 563960
Ann Rasell
image number DSC_0070
image: DSC_0071
grave: 563961
Mary Lovegrove
image number DSC_0071
image: DSC_0072
grave: 563962
William Wilmott
image number DSC_0072
image: DSC_0072
grave: 563963
John Wilmott
image number DSC_0072
image: DSC_0073
grave: 563964
Thomas Wilmott
image number DSC_0073
image: DSC_0074
grave: 563965
Harriot Wilmott
image number DSC_0074
image: DSC_0075
grave: 563966
Richard Bowles
image number DSC_0075
image: DSC_0076
grave: 563967
Sarah Saker
image number DSC_0076
image: DSC_0077
grave: 563968
James Atkins
image number DSC_0077
image: DSC_0079
grave: 563969
Elizabeth Rutter
image number DSC_0079
image: DSC_0082
grave: 563970
W E Dillon
image number DSC_0082
image: DSC_0082
grave: 563971
R Moffat
image number DSC_0082
image: DSC_0082
grave: 563972
Verney Lovett Cameron
image number DSC_0082
image: DSC_0084
grave: 563973
Harold Copping
image number DSC_0084
image: DSC_0087
grave: 563974
Henry Joseph
image number DSC_0087
image: DSC_0088
grave: 563975
Catherine Joseph
image number DSC_0088
image: DSC_0089
grave: 563976
John Watts
image number DSC_0089

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