Gravestone Photographs Resource breadcrumb list for grave 563360Details of grave number 563360 at St Decuman (part 2) Watchet for Eliza Jane Sully

Eliza Jane Sully grave monument in St Decuman (part 2) burial ground, Watchet, Somerset, England

Eliza Jane Sully grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Eliza Jane Sully
William Sully
25/06/1942821860husband of Eliza Jane Sully

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image: SDc 275
grave: 563350
Henry John Routley
image number SDc 275
image: SDc 276
grave: 563351
Henrietta Routley
image number SDc 276
image: SDc 278
grave: 563352
Theresa Routley
image number SDc 278
image: SDc 279
grave: 563353
Edith Lily Routley
image number SDc 279
image: SDc 281
grave: 563354
Dorothy Maud Gard
image number SDc 281
image: SDc 282
grave: 563355
T Joel Gard
image number SDc 282
image: SDc 283
grave: 563356
Cecely Rhoda Woolley
image number SDc 283
image: SDc 284
grave: 563357
Jesse Williams
image number SDc 284
image: SDc 285
grave: 563358
Elizabeth Symonds
image number SDc 285
image: SDc 286
grave: 563359
William Henry Hurley
image number SDc 286
image: SDc 288
grave: 563360
Eliza Jane Sully
image number SDc 288
image: SDc 289
grave: 563361
Ivor Alfred Norman
image number SDc 289
image: SDc 290
grave: 563362
Frederick Wedlake
image number SDc 290
image: SDc 291
grave: 563363
Donald James Wedlake
image number SDc 291
image: SDc 292
grave: 563364
Mona Wedlake
image number SDc 292
image: SDc 293
grave: 563365
Alice Wedlake
image number SDc 293
image: SDc 294
grave: 563366
Eva Irene Girle
image number SDc 294
image: SDc 295
grave: 563367
Herbert Phare
image number SDc 295
image: SDc 296
grave: 563368
Ronald? Chubb
image number SDc 296
image: SDc 297
grave: 563369
Robert Chubb
image number SDc 297
image: SDc 299
grave: 563370
Beatrice Eugene Owen
image number SDc 299

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