Gravestone Photographs Resource breadcrumb list for grave 562230Details of grave number 562230 at Evenwood (part 2) Evenwood for Mary Ada Atkinson

Mary Ada Atkinson grave monument in Evenwood (part 2) cemetery, Evenwood, Durham, England

Mary Ada Atkinson grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Mary Ada Atkinson nee Middlemass
George William Atkinson
1967731894husband of Mary Ada Atkinson

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image: 1550
grave: 562220
Ellen Margaret Heaviside
image number 1550
image: 1551
grave: 562221
William Sayers
image number 1551
image: 1554
grave: 562222
Edward Walls
image number 1554
image: 1557
grave: 562223
Emily Jane Butt
image number 1557
image: 1558
grave: 562224
Thomas McCutcheon
image number 1558
image: 1559
grave: 562225
Bert Nicholson
image number 1559
image: 1560
grave: 562226
Daisy Maughan
image number 1560
image: 1561
grave: 562227
Elizabeth Thorburn
image number 1561
image: 1562
grave: 562228
Rose Patton
image number 1562
image: 1563
grave: 562229
Ethel Ann Priestley
image number 1563
image: 1564
grave: 562230
Mary Ada Atkinson
image number 1564
image: 1565
grave: 562231
William George Parmley
image number 1565
image: 1566
grave: 562232
Richard Stones
image number 1566
image: 1567
grave: 562233
Joseph Henry Stones
image number 1567
image: 1568
grave: 562234
Ellen Welford
image number 1568
image: 1569
grave: 562235
Henry Barkham
image number 1569
image: 1570
grave: 562236
Nora Finlay
image number 1570
image: 1571
grave: 562237
Sidney Lowson
image number 1571
image: 1572
grave: 562238
Annie Hankey
image number 1572
image: 1573
grave: 562239
John Matthew Thompson
image number 1573
image: 1574
grave: 562240
George Wass
image number 1574

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