Gravestone Photographs Resource breadcrumb list for grave 561951Details of grave number 561951 at Municipal (part 1) Blaydon for Isabella Stewart

Isabella Stewart grave monument in Municipal (part 1) cemetery, Blaydon, Durham, England

Isabella Stewart grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Isabella Stewart
William Stewart
1948831865husband of Isabella Stewart

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image: 3813
grave: 561941
Edward Richardson
image number 3813
image: 3814
grave: 561942
Jane A Wright
image number 3814
image: 3815
grave: 561943
Mary Swan
image number 3815
image: 3816
grave: 561944
James Dodds
image number 3816
image: 3817
grave: 561945
Harry Barton
image number 3817
image: 3818
grave: 561946
Harry Edward Emmerson
image number 3818
image: 3819
grave: 561947
John Hurst
image number 3819
image: 3820
grave: 561948
Robert Hopper
image number 3820
image: 3821
grave: 561949
John Hopper
image number 3821
image: 3822
grave: 561950
Matthew Ions Dixon
image number 3822
image: 3823
grave: 561951
Isabella Stewart
image number 3823
image: 3824
grave: 561952
John Penman Johnston
image number 3824
image: 3826
grave: 561953
Nancy Hill
image number 3826
image: 3828
grave: 561954
Edith Patterson
image number 3828
image: 3829
grave: 561955
Sarah Myhill
image number 3829
image: 3831
grave: 561956
Barbara Brown
image number 3831
image: 3832
grave: 561957
Sarah Lowe
image number 3832
image: 3834
grave: 561958
John Charles Hutchinson
image number 3834
image: 3835
grave: 561959
Sarah E Kendal
image number 3835
image: 3836
grave: 561960
Matthew Brown
image number 3836
image: 3837
grave: 561961
Sarah Allen
image number 3837

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