Abraham Moyse grave monument in Pantin (section 29) cemetery, Pantin, Seine St Denis, France

Abraham Moyse grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Abraham Moyse
Henriette Alexandre nee Bernard
1919791840relationship not known of Abraham Moyse
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Breadcrumb trail images to help find Abraham Moyse grave location

(10 thumbnails before and after the grave with GPR number 546064)

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image: CPPGoldsteinMarie
grave: 546057
Marie Goldstein
image number CPPGoldsteinMarie
image: CPPAxlerR
grave: 546058
Rose Axler
image number CPPAxlerR
image: CPPGarguirM
grave: 546059
Mercado Garguir
image number CPPGarguirM
image: CPPLitvakDavid
grave: 546060
David Litvak
image number CPPLitvakDavid
image: CPPMuhlsteinMS
grave: 546061
Mindel Muhlstein
image number CPPMuhlsteinMS
image: CPPOdesserJ
grave: 546062
Jeschaye Odesser
image number CPPOdesserJ
image: CPPMichelAdler
grave: 546063
Max Michel
image number CPPMichelAdler
image: CPPMoyseAlex1
grave: 546064
Abraham Moyse
image number CPPMoyseAlex1
image: CPPTepernowskiW
grave: 546065
Wolff Tepernowski
image number CPPTepernowskiW
image: CPPLevinskiRos
grave: 546066
Rosalie Levinski
image number CPPLevinskiRos
image: CPPBlumenfeldElias
grave: 546067
Lore Blumenfeld
image number CPPBlumenfeldElias
image: CPPLÚvyMark1
grave: 546068
Madeleine LÚvy
image number CPPLÚvyMark1
image: CPPAzariaIM
grave: 546069
Isaac Maurice Azaria
image number CPPAzariaIM
image: CPPBlochCarEmile
grave: 546070
Caroline Bloch
image number CPPBlochCarEmile
image: CPPSpitzLeibVan
grave: 546071
Eve Spitz
image number CPPSpitzLeibVan
image: CPPUnionTravail1
grave: 546072
Toba Schilman
image number CPPUnionTravail1
image: CPPSalomonEmile
grave: 546073
Emile Salomon
image number CPPSalomonEmile
image: CPPOjalvoDavid
grave: 546074
David Ojalvo
image number CPPOjalvoDavid

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