Claude Anthony John Westcott grave monument in St Mary burial ground, Bishops Lydeard, Somerset, England

Claude Anthony John Westcott grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Claude Anthony John Westcott
Violet May Westcott
15/12/1981651916wife of Claude Anthony John Westcott
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image: BLyd238
grave: 541330
Sarah Carpenter
image number BLyd238
image: BLyd239
grave: 541331
John William Dakers
image number BLyd239
image: BLyd240
grave: 541332
Frederick Perry
image number BLyd240
image: BLyd241
grave: 541333
Rosina May Lovell
image number BLyd241
image: BLyd242
grave: 541334
Eleanor Forward
image number BLyd242
image: BLyd243
grave: 541335
Frederick Hartnell
image number BLyd243
image: BLyd244
grave: 541336
Dorothy Selvidge
image number BLyd244
image: BLyd245
grave: 541337
Violet May Reed
image number BLyd245
image: BLyd246
grave: 541338
Charles Sparks
image number BLyd246
image: BLyd247
grave: 541339
Derek Anthony Sparks
image number BLyd247
image: BLyd248
grave: 541340
Claude Anthony John Westcott
image number BLyd248
image: BLyd249
grave: 541341
Rhoda Minnie Back
image number BLyd249
image: BLyd250
grave: 541342
Leonard John Milton
image number BLyd250
image: BLyd251
grave: 541343
Albert John Lake
image number BLyd251
image: BLyd252
grave: 541344
Wilfred Thomas Durden
image number BLyd252
image: BLyd253
grave: 541345
Frederick William Milton
image number BLyd253
image: BLyd254
grave: 541346
Florence Burbidge
image number BLyd254
image: BLyd256
grave: 541347
Walter Lewis Rowlands
image number BLyd256
image: BLyd257
grave: 541348
Alfred Henry Bishop
image number BLyd257
image: BLyd258
grave: 541349
Kate Maria Bridges
image number BLyd258
image: BLyd259
grave: 541350
Cordelia Florence Trebilcock
image number BLyd259

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