Walter James Buckland grave monument in All Saints , Biddenden, Kent, England

Walter James Buckland grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Walter James Buckland
185921857first name on monument
James Buckland
father of Walter James Buckland
Elizabeth Buckland
mother of Walter James Buckland
Elizabeth Witherden Buckland
1858 1858sister of Walter James Buckland
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image: 9809
grave: 528988
Sophia Horton
image number 9809
image: 9811
grave: 528989
John Dean
image number 9811
image: 9812
grave: 528990
Wallace Allen Witherden
image number 9812
image: 9813
grave: 528991
Susan Heath
image number 9813
image: 9814
grave: 528992
Henry Heath
image number 9814
image: 9815
grave: 528993
James Buckland
image number 9815
image: 9816
grave: 528994
Elizabeth Buckland
image number 9816
image: 9817
grave: 528995
Carey Witherden
image number 9817
image: 9818
grave: 528996
Elizabeth Witherden
image number 9818
image: 9819
grave: 528997
Frances Witherden
image number 9819
image: 9820
grave: 528998
Walter James Buckland
image number 9820
image: 9821
grave: 528999
Fanny Witherden Buckland
image number 9821
image: 9823
grave: 529000
Carey William Witherden
image number 9823
image: 9824
grave: 529001
Richard Fryman
image number 9824
image: 9825
grave: 529002
Joseph Witherden
image number 9825
image: 9827
grave: 529003
Elizabeth Lomas
image number 9827
image: 9828
grave: 529004
William Pullen
image number 9828
image: 9829
grave: 529005
Ann Pullen
image number 9829
image: 9830
grave: 529006
Robert Pullen
image number 9830
image: 9831
grave: 529007
Robert Pullen
image number 9831
image: 9832
grave: 529008
Patience Haffenden
image number 9832

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