Gravestone Photographs Resource breadcrumb list for grave 526544Details of grave number 526544 at St David Carmarthen for Mary Anne Thomas

Mary Anne Thomas grave monument in St David burial ground, Carmarthen, Carmarthenshire, Wales

Mary Anne Thomas grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Mary Anne Thomas
David Thomas
1851191832brother of Mary Anne Thomas
David Thomas
1846541792father of Mary Anne Thomas
Elizabeth Thomas
1852621790mother of Mary Anne Thomas

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image: 5747
grave: 526534
George Vaughn George
image number 5747
image: 5748
grave: 526535
William Davies
image number 5748
image: 5749
grave: 526536
Eliza Clarke
image number 5749
image: 5750
grave: 526537
William Phillips
image number 5750
image: 5751
grave: 526538
John Vaughan
image number 5751
image: 5751
grave: 526539
Herbert Vaughan
image number 5751
image: 5752
grave: 526540
James Morgan
image number 5752
image: 5753
grave: 526541
William Evans
image number 5753
image: 5754
grave: 526542
Thomas Morgan
image number 5754
image: 5755
grave: 526543
George Davies
image number 5755
image: 5756
grave: 526544
Mary Anne Thomas
image number 5756
image: 5757
grave: 526545
Mary Richards
image number 5757
image: 5758
grave: 526546
Henry Griffiths
image number 5758
image: 5759
grave: 526547
Ellen Lewis
image number 5759
image: 5759
grave: 526548
Elizabeth Davies
image number 5759
image: 5760
grave: 526549
Elizabeth Harries
image number 5760
image: 5761
grave: 526550
Ellen Phillipps
image number 5761
image: 5762
grave: 526551
William Morgan
image number 5762
image: 5763
grave: 526552
John Jenkins
image number 5763
image: 5763
grave: 526553
George Jenkins
image number 5763
image: 5764
grave: 526554
Ann Griffiths
image number 5764

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