Darrel P J (Billy) Bingham grave monument in Queensferry Municipal cemetery, South Queensferry, West Lothian, Scotland

Darrel P J (Billy) Bingham grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Darrel P J (Billy) Bingham
Louise Bingham
wife of Darrel P J (Billy) Bingham
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image: 5790
grave: 52526
Charlie Burnett
image number 5790
image: 5791
grave: 52527
Dave Houston
image number 5791
image: 5792
grave: 52528
Hans Weiss
image number 5792
image: 5793
grave: 52529
Henry C Robb
image number 5793
image: 5794
grave: 52530
Alexander Lees Anderson
image number 5794
image: 5795
grave: 52531
Stanley Brookes
image number 5795
image: 5796
grave: 52532
Charles J M Doga
image number 5796
image: 5797
grave: 52533
Diana Francesca Sutherland
image number 5797
image: 5798
grave: 52534
John Graham
image number 5798
image: 5800
grave: 52535
Maureen Anne (Toots) Ward
image number 5800
image: 5801
grave: 52536
Darrel P J (Billy) Bingham
image number 5801
image: 5802
grave: 52537
Mark Andrew Dick
image number 5802
image: 5803
grave: 52538
William Crammond
image number 5803
image: 5805
grave: 52539
Helen Mains Bishop Quigley
image number 5805
image: 5806
grave: 52540
Frank Ross
image number 5806
image: 5808
grave: 52541
David Sives Scott
image number 5808
image: 5809
grave: 52542
Irene E G Waldie
image number 5809
image: 5811
grave: 52543
Betty Quigley
image number 5811
image: 5813
grave: 52544
Pat Milne
image number 5813
image: 5814
grave: 52545
William (Wuggy) McPhillips
image number 5814
image: 5815
grave: 52546
Margaret McGill Calder
image number 5815

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