James Neilson Small grave monument in Queensferry Municipal cemetery, South Queensferry, West Lothian, Scotland

James Neilson Small grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
James Neilson Small
John Small
1973731900son of James Neilson Small
Jane Gifford Small
1938711867wife of James Neilson Small
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image: 5707
grave: 52451
Ellen Downie Douthwaite
image number 5707
image: 5709
grave: 52452
Catherine Carvie Phair
image number 5709
image: 5710
grave: 52453
Neil Lafferty
image number 5710
image: 5711
grave: 52454
Beryl J Brown
image number 5711
image: 5712
grave: 52455
Cecil George Minto Harrower
image number 5712
image: 5713
grave: 52456
Dawson Hannan
image number 5713
image: 5714
grave: 52457
Walter (Teddy) Scott
image number 5714
image: 5715
grave: 52458
Colin J S Rankine
image number 5715
image: 5716
grave: 52459
Hugh Morton Hamilton
image number 5716
image: 5717
grave: 52460
William Robertson
image number 5717
image: 5718
grave: 52461
James Neilson Small
image number 5718
image: 5719
grave: 52462
John Alexander Bell
image number 5719
image: 5720
grave: 52463
Janet Cuthbertson
image number 5720
image: 5721
grave: 52464
Isabella Gunn MacKay Ruthven
image number 5721
image: 5722
grave: 52465
Reginald J E Diggens
image number 5722
image: 5724
grave: 52466
Catherine Brett
image number 5724
image: 5725
grave: 52467
Ernest Albert Redgrave
image number 5725
image: 5726
grave: 52468
Rose Conner
image number 5726
image: 5727
grave: 52469
Archibald McNab
image number 5727
image: 5728
grave: 52470
Catherine Sinclair
image number 5728
image: 5729
grave: 52471
William S Lafferty
image number 5729

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