Thomas Baker grave monument in Queensferry Municipal , South Queensferry, West Lothian, Scotland

Thomas Baker grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Thomas Baker
1908231885first name on monument
Robert Thomas Baker
father of Thomas Baker
Agnes Baker
mother of Thomas Baker
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image: 5472
grave: 52250
W Mahoney
image number 5472
image: 5473
grave: 52251
R Thomson
image number 5473
image: 5474
grave: 52252
C Xavier
image number 5474
image: 5475
grave: 52253
G Sobey
image number 5475
image: 5476
grave: 52254
J Mahony
image number 5476
image: 5477
grave: 52255
A Ewens
image number 5477
image: 5478
grave: 52256
A J Oblin
image number 5478
image: 5479
grave: 52257
A F Payne
image number 5479
image: 5480
grave: 52258
F Alford
image number 5480
image: 5481
grave: 52259
Frank Shergold
image number 5481
image: 5482
grave: 52260
Thomas Baker
image number 5482
image: 5483
grave: 52261
A T Chalkley
image number 5483
image: 5484
grave: 52262
I J Jay
image number 5484
image: 5485
grave: 52263
John Alfred Pearson
image number 5485
image: 5486
grave: 52264
V H Valentine
image number 5486
image: 5487
grave: 52265
A Lind
image number 5487
image: 5488
grave: 52266
J W Fryer
image number 5488
image: 5489
grave: 52267
F Burnard
image number 5489
image: 5490
grave: 52268
S H Merrett
image number 5490
image: 5491
grave: 52269
T J Howard
image number 5491
image: 5492
grave: 52270
T O'Grady
image number 5492

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