Thomas Wallace Anderson grave monument in Queensferry Municipal cemetery, South Queensferry, West Lothian, Scotland

Thomas Wallace Anderson grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Thomas Wallace Anderson
Marjory Anderson
1997 daughter of Thomas Wallace Anderson
Jack Anderson
1998 son of Thomas Wallace Anderson
Euphemia Cromb Anderson
1997931904wife of Thomas Wallace Anderson
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image: 5164
grave: 51990
Annie A Clark
image number 5164
image: 5166
grave: 51991
Leopold Bond Collins
image number 5166
image: 5167
grave: 51992
Eddie McPhillips
image number 5167
image: 5168
grave: 51993
Elizabeth Robertson Beer
image number 5168
image: 5169
grave: 51994
Edward McPhillips
image number 5169
image: 5170
grave: 51995
Brian O'Donnell
image number 5170
image: 5171
grave: 51996
Maggie Smail
image number 5171
image: 5173
grave: 51997
James Campbell
image number 5173
image: 5174
grave: 51998
Robina Dick Berry
image number 5174
image: 5175
grave: 51999
Robert Sands
image number 5175
image: 5177
grave: 52000
Thomas Wallace Anderson
image number 5177
image: 5178
grave: 52001
Margaret P Marshall
image number 5178
image: 5179
grave: 52002
Janet Constance Munro
image number 5179
image: 5180
grave: 52003
Thomas McBain
image number 5180
image: 5181
grave: 52004
Alfred Colborne
image number 5181
image: 5188
grave: 52005
Mary McRae Donaldson
image number 5188
image: 5190
grave: 52006
John Robert Marshall
image number 5190
image: 5191
grave: 52007
David Anderson
image number 5191
image: 5193
grave: 52008
John C M Roberts
image number 5193
image: 5195
grave: 52009
Elizabeth Gaffney
image number 5195
image: 5197
grave: 52010
George Smart
image number 5197

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