William Richard Nice grave monument in Wickham Road (part 1) , Fareham, Hampshire, England

William Richard Nice grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
William Richard Nice
1941 first name on monument
Margaret Annie Nice
1942 wife of William Richard Nice
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image: 915
grave: 519222
Charles W Codd
image number 915
image: 916
grave: 519223
John Edward Parker
image number 916
image: 917
grave: 519224
Edward Henry Bennett
image number 917
image: 918
grave: 519225
Mary Scott
image number 918
image: 919
grave: 519226
Albert Ronald Elmes
image number 919
image: 920
grave: 519227
George Joseph Bloxham
image number 920
image: 921
grave: 519228
Albert E Souch
image number 921
image: 922
grave: 519229
Janes Edith Roberts
image number 922
image: 923
grave: 519230
Alfred Timberley
image number 923
image: 925
grave: 519231
Robert Jonathan Young
image number 925
image: 926
grave: 519232
William Richard Nice
image number 926
image: 927
grave: 519233
Sau-lan Tottle
image number 927
image: 928
grave: 519234
Martha Grace Skinner
image number 928
image: 930
grave: 519235
William Hacker
image number 930
image: 931
grave: 519236
Rose Whitefield
image number 931
image: 932
grave: 519237
Julia Fitzgerald
image number 932
image: 933
grave: 519238
Charles Smither
image number 933
image: 935
grave: 519239
O G Dykes
image number 935
image: 936
grave: 519240
Matilda Mary Kingsford Stroud
image number 936
image: 938
grave: 519241
Fanny Kimber
image number 938
image: 939
grave: 519242
Frederick Francis Hedges
image number 939

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