Deeann Sue Lawton grave monument in Patho , Patho, Victoria, Australia

Deeann Sue Lawton grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Deeann Sue Lawton nee Worthy
21/03/20134723/02/1966first name on monument
Sarah Lawton
daughter of Deeann Sue Lawton
Jamie Lawton
son of Deeann Sue Lawton
Mark Lawton
son of Deeann Sue Lawton
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image: P1140750
grave: 511749
Clifton Alan Ashwell
image number P1140750
image: P1140751
grave: 511750
Edmond James Barton
image number P1140751
image: P1140752
grave: 511751
John William Connell
image number P1140752
image: P1140753
grave: 511752
James Duncan Connell
image number P1140753
image: P1140754
grave: 511753
Milinda Anne Peatling
image number P1140754
image: P1140755
grave: 511754
James Grant Anderson
image number P1140755
image: P1140756
grave: 511755
Sydney George Ferres
image number P1140756
image: P1140757
grave: 511756
Florence Poxon
image number P1140757
image: P1140758
grave: 511757
Duncan Henry McNaught
image number P1140758
image: P1140759
grave: 511758
Roy Edward Brew
image number P1140759
image: P1140760
grave: 511759
Deeann Sue Lawton
image number P1140760
image: P1140761
grave: 511760
Cyril Edwin Naismith
image number P1140761
image: P1140762
grave: 511761
George Moubray Demaine
image number P1140762
image: P1140763
grave: 511762
Michael Demaine
image number P1140763
image: P1140764
grave: 511763
John Richard Kelly
image number P1140764
image: P1140765
grave: 511764
Kenneth John Allez
image number P1140765
image: P1140766
grave: 511765
Donald Charles Ashwell
image number P1140766
image: P1140767
grave: 511766
Werner Joseph Scherubl
image number P1140767

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