Charles Durrant grave monument in St Mary , Keston, Kent, England

Charles Durrant grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Charles Durrant
1929 first name on monument
Mary Ann Durrant
1936 relationship not known of Charles Durrant
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image: 2519
grave: 506200
John Ephraim Carter
image number 2519
image: 2520
grave: 506201
Ronald John Peake Knight
image number 2520
image: 2521
grave: 506202
George Beadell
image number 2521
image: 2523
grave: 506203
Jasper Hills
image number 2523
image: 2524
grave: 506204
Anna Harding
image number 2524
image: 2525
grave: 506205
Mary Lisney
image number 2525
image: 2526
grave: 506206
George Francis Duck
image number 2526
image: 2527
grave: 506207
Carlton John Lambert
image number 2527
image: 2528
grave: 506208
William Henry Lloyd
image number 2528
image: 2529
grave: 506209
Yvonne Landale Reavell
image number 2529
image: 2531
grave: 506210
Charles Durrant
image number 2531
image: 2532
grave: 506211
Emma Gertrude Macaulay Randall
image number 2532
image: 2533
grave: 506212
Henry Milner
image number 2533
image: 2534
grave: 506213
Douglas Edward Morton
image number 2534
image: 2535
grave: 506214
Thomas Curd
image number 2535
image: 2536
grave: 506215
Edith Louisa Stack
image number 2536
image: 2537
grave: 506216
Mary Dawson Kidd
image number 2537
image: 2538
grave: 506217
Maud Alice Sawyer
image number 2538
image: 2540
grave: 506218
Florence Grace Collins
image number 2540
image: 2541
grave: 506219
Clara Barker
image number 2541
image: 2542
grave: 506220
Maud Robinson
image number 2542

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