John Ernest Sell grave monument in Koondrook cemetery, Koondrook, Victoria, Australia

John Ernest Sell grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
John Ernest Sell
Alfred Sell
father of John Ernest Sell
Albert Thompson
father-in-law of John Ernest Sell
Maria Sell nee Fletcher
mother of John Ernest Sell
Winifred Thompson
mother-in-law of John Ernest Sell
Eunice Maude Sell nee Thompson
04/09/1980701910wife of John Ernest Sell
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image: P1110189
grave: 505292
Richard Hausler Bassett
image number P1110189
image: P1110190
grave: 505293
Authur Robert Burt
image number P1110190
image: P1110192
grave: 505294
Annie Jamieson
image number P1110192
image: P1110193
grave: 505295
Sarah Norwood
image number P1110193
image: P1110194
grave: 505296
Margaret Watson
image number P1110194
image: P1110195
grave: 505297
Leslie James Harvey
image number P1110195
image: P1110196
grave: 505298
Robert Jock McLachlan
image number P1110196
image: P1110197
grave: 505299
Norman McDougall
image number P1110197
image: P1110198
grave: 505300
Colin John Hunter
image number P1110198
image: P1110199
grave: 505301
William Watson
image number P1110199
image: P1110200
grave: 505302
John Ernest Sell
image number P1110200
image: P1110201
grave: 505303
James Gorey
image number P1110201
image: P1110202
grave: 505304
John Henry Gorey
image number P1110202
image: P1110203
grave: 505305
Mary Ann Vinen
image number P1110203
image: P1110205
grave: 505306
Sarah Singleton
image number P1110205
image: P1110206
grave: 505307
Margaret Murdoch
image number P1110206
image: P1110207
grave: 505308
Stephen James Linane
image number P1110207
image: P1110208
grave: 505309
William Henry Hollingsworth
image number P1110208
image: P1110209
grave: 505310
Annie Smith
image number P1110209
image: P1110210
grave: 505311
Casper Blossage
image number P1110210
image: P1110211
grave: 505312
Peter Christopher Sassella
image number P1110211

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