Valerie Jean Bedggood grave monument in Rosedale cemetery, Rosedale, Victoria, Australia

Valerie Jean Bedggood grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Valerie Jean Bedggood
Sandra Bedggood
daughter of Valerie Jean Bedggood
Helen Bedggood
daughter of Valerie Jean Bedggood
Annette Bedggood
daughter of Valerie Jean Bedggood
Michelle Bedggood
daughter of Valerie Jean Bedggood
Colin Bedggood
husband of Valerie Jean Bedggood
Wayne Bedggood
son of Valerie Jean Bedggood
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(10 thumbnails before and after the grave with GPR number 504407)

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image: Ros279
grave: 504397
Kevin Frederick Johnston
image number Ros279
image: Ros280
grave: 504398
Ruby Edna Attenborough
image number Ros280
image: Ros281
grave: 504399
Dora Rowley
image number Ros281
image: Ros282
grave: 504400
R J Kent
image number Ros282
image: Ros283
grave: 504401
George Albert John Hill
image number Ros283
image: Ros284
grave: 504402
Richard James Andrews
image number Ros284
image: Ros285
grave: 504403
Sheila Mitchell
image number Ros285
image: Ros286
grave: 504404
Robert Francis Jones
image number Ros286
image: Ros287
grave: 504405
Ellis Henry
image number Ros287
image: Ros288
grave: 504406
Henry William Schrocter
image number Ros288
image: Ros289
grave: 504407
Valerie Jean Bedggood
image number Ros289
image: Ros290
grave: 504408
Roy Gebhardt Andrews
image number Ros290
image: Ros291
grave: 504409
Eric Hugh Julius Lohrey
image number Ros291
image: Ros292
grave: 504410
Ada Lavenia Williams
image number Ros292
image: Ros293
grave: 504411
Norman Thurman Farley
image number Ros293
image: Ros294
grave: 504412
Albert Amos Marsh
image number Ros294
image: Ros295
grave: 504413
Kathleen Katrine Taylor
image number Ros295
image: Ros296
grave: 504414
Stephen Blackwood
image number Ros296
image: Ros297
grave: 504415
A C Robinson
image number Ros297
image: Ros298
grave: 504416
Alice Nixon
image number Ros298
image: Ros299
grave: 504417
Mary Ann Allen
image number Ros299

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