Geoge Leach Bargewell grave monument in C1 Municipal cemetery, Linthorpe, Yorkshire, England

Geoge Leach Bargewell grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Geoge Leach Bargewell
Pte Clarence Bargewell
1915221893son of Geoge Leach Bargewell
Jane Elizabeth Bargewell
1943771866wife of Geoge Leach Bargewell
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image: 1110757
grave: 50186
Thomas William Humphreys
image number 1110757
image: 1110758
grave: 50187
Edward Elijah Hunter
image number 1110758
image: 1110759
grave: 50188
Elizabeth Smith
image number 1110759
image: 1110760
grave: 50189
John William Slee
image number 1110760
image: 1110761
grave: 50190
Annie Evelina Watson
image number 1110761
image: 1110762
grave: 50191
James Coulson
image number 1110762
image: 1110763
grave: 50192
Harris Johnstone Miller
image number 1110763
image: 1110764
grave: 50193
Samuel Meek
image number 1110764
image: 1110765
grave: 50194
Emily Ann Garth
image number 1110765
image: 1110766
grave: 50195
Elsie Slee
image number 1110766
image: 1110767
grave: 50196
Geoge Leach Bargewell
image number 1110767
image: 1110768
grave: 50197
William Kidner
image number 1110768
image: 1110769
grave: 50198
Thomas Jones
image number 1110769
image: 1110772
grave: 50199
Thomas Henry Davis
image number 1110772
image: 1110773
grave: 50200
Christopher Gray
image number 1110773
image: 1110774
grave: 50201
William Bearby Kettlewell
image number 1110774
image: 1110775
grave: 50202
David John
image number 1110775
image: 1110776
grave: 50203
George William Walton
image number 1110776
image: 1110777
grave: 50204
Frederick Warren
image number 1110777
image: 1110778
grave: 50205
George F C Bird
image number 1110778
image: 1110779
grave: 50206
Charles Edward Towns
image number 1110779

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