Edwin Bilcliffe grave monument in St Bartholomew burial ground, Horley, Surrey, England

Edwin Bilcliffe grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Edwin Bilcliffe
Mary Grace Bilcliffe
1955971858wife of Edwin Bilcliffe
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image: 919
grave: 500148
George Barnes
image number 919
image: 920
grave: 500149
Edith Mary Taylor
image number 920
image: 921
grave: 500150
Arthur Woodman
image number 921
image: 922
grave: 500151
Rose Ann Palmieri
image number 922
image: 923
grave: 500152
Edward Prichard
image number 923
image: 924
grave: 500153
George Langworthy Paige
image number 924
image: 925
grave: 500154
Ellen Woodman
image number 925
image: 926
grave: 500155
Richard Baitup
image number 926
image: 927
grave: 500156
Harriet Partridge
image number 927
image: 928
grave: 500157
Amelia Blundell
image number 928
image: 929
grave: 500158
Edwin Bilcliffe
image number 929
image: 932
grave: 500159
Emma Bilcliffe
image number 932
image: 933
grave: 500160
George Bilcliffe
image number 933
image: 934
grave: 500161
Emma Chatten
image number 934
image: 935
grave: 500162
Elizabeth Geer
image number 935
image: 936
grave: 500163
George Coleman
image number 936
image: 936
grave: 500164
Anne Coleman
image number 936
image: 937
grave: 500165
Ellen Henley
image number 937
image: 938
grave: 500166
Minnie May Cottingham Mann
image number 938
image: 938
grave: 500167
George Mann
image number 938
image: 938
grave: 500168
Ethel Jane Lydia Powell
image number 938

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