Margaret West Gleland grave monument in Municipal cemetery, Kirkliston, West Lothian, Scotland

Margaret West Gleland grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Margaret West Gleland
William Gleland
1913791834husband of Margaret West Gleland
Thomas Gleland
1916331883son of Margaret West Gleland
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image: 7215
grave: 49970
Jeanie Linn
image number 7215
image: 7216
grave: 49971
Agnes Richmond Linn
image number 7216
image: 7217
grave: 49972
John Garlaw
image number 7217
image: 7218
grave: 49973
Margaret Crawford MacLennan
image number 7218
image: 7219
grave: 49974
Maudie Caiger
image number 7219
image: 7220
grave: 49975
Mary Drummond
image number 7220
image: 7221
grave: 49976
Elizabeth Guthrie Grant
image number 7221
image: 7222
grave: 49977
John Boole
image number 7222
image: 7223
grave: 49978
John Borthwick
image number 7223
image: 7224
grave: 49979
Jane Brodie
image number 7224
image: 7226
grave: 49980
Margaret West Gleland
image number 7226
image: 7228
grave: 49981
Isabella Forrester Spiers
image number 7228
image: 7230
grave: 49982
Charlotte Thornton Rarity Reeder
image number 7230
image: 7231
grave: 49983
Jeanie Spiers
image number 7231
image: 7232
grave: 49984
George Allan
image number 7232
image: 7233
grave: 49985
David Charters
image number 7233
image: 7234
grave: 49986
Elizabeth Edington Stenhouse
image number 7234
image: 7235
grave: 49987
Joseph Herbert Lawson Gordon
image number 7235
image: 7236
grave: 49988
Elizabeth Arbuckle
image number 7236
image: 7237
grave: 49989
Agnes Brash
image number 7237
image: 7238
grave: 49990
Janet Martin Weddell
image number 7238

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