Mary Walker Brash grave monument in Municipal cemetery, Kirkliston, West Lothian, Scotland

Mary Walker Brash grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Mary Walker Brash
John S Brash
1932801852husband of Mary Walker Brash
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image: 7136
grave: 49910
Margaret Brock Dudgeon
image number 7136
image: 7138
grave: 49911
Ernest Brock
image number 7138
image: 7142
grave: 49912
Catherine Dickson
image number 7142
image: 7143
grave: 49913
Isabella Stewart
image number 7143
image: 7144
grave: 49914
Isabella Martin Masterton
image number 7144
image: 7145
grave: 49915
Mary Ann Haddow Cassels
image number 7145
image: 7147
grave: 49916
John H Cassels
image number 7147
image: 7148
grave: 49917
John Cassels
image number 7148
image: 7149
grave: 49918
James Easton Brock
image number 7149
image: 7150
grave: 49919
Florence Easton Brock Menzies
image number 7150
image: 7152
grave: 49920
Mary Walker Brash
image number 7152
image: 7153
grave: 49921
Thomas Millar
image number 7153
image: 7154
grave: 49922
Hugh Borthwick
image number 7154
image: 7155
grave: 49923
Andrew Arbuckle
image number 7155
image: 7156
grave: 49924
John Duncan
image number 7156
image: 7157
grave: 49925
Alexander Meikle
image number 7157
image: 7158
grave: 49926
William C Black
image number 7158
image: 7161
grave: 49927
John Robert Bruce
image number 7161
image: 7163
grave: 49928
Harry Osburn Grieve
image number 7163
image: 7164
grave: 49929
Agnes Cuthbertson Wardrop
image number 7164
image: 7166
grave: 49930
David Jackson MacDonald
image number 7166

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