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Elizabeth Meicklejohn Smith grave monument in Municipal cemetery, Kirkliston, West Lothian, Scotland

Elizabeth Meicklejohn Smith grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Elizabeth Meicklejohn Smith
Robert Taylor Smith
husband of Elizabeth Meicklejohn Smith
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Breadcrumb trail images to help find Elizabeth Meicklejohn Smith grave location

(10 thumbnails before and after the grave with GPR number 49629)

The following thumbnail images are the 10 taken before and 10 after the one for Elizabeth Meicklejohn Smith was taken.

The grave monument thumbnail image for Elizabeth Meicklejohn Smith below has a background colour of green to help identify it.

Hopefully some of these thumbnails will help you locate the Elizabeth Meicklejohn Smith grave.

image: 6612
grave: 49619
Robert Bishop
image number 6612
image: 6613
grave: 49620
Alexander Hetherton
image number 6613
image: 6616
grave: 49621
Mary Davidson Marshall
image number 6616
image: 6617
grave: 49622
David Chalmers
image number 6617
image: 6619
grave: 49623
Thomas Anderson
image number 6619
image: 6654
grave: 49624
Alexander Muir
image number 6654
image: 6657
grave: 49625
James Hunter
image number 6657
image: 6658
grave: 49626
Jane Roberts Hunter
image number 6658
image: 6662
grave: 49627
Rob Paul
image number 6662
image: 6663
grave: 49628
Alexander Millar
image number 6663
image: 6664
grave: 49629
Elizabeth Meicklejohn Smith
image number 6664
image: 6665
grave: 49630
Mary Russell Richie
image number 6665
image: 6666
grave: 49631
James Haston Lawrie
image number 6666
image: 6667
grave: 49632
George Borthwick
image number 6667
image: 6669
grave: 49633
George Thomson
image number 6669
image: 6670
grave: 49634
Robert Lawrie
image number 6670
image: 6672
grave: 49635
John Craighead
image number 6672
image: 6673
grave: 49636
Margaret Lauder Smeall
image number 6673
image: 6674
grave: 49637
Thomas Dick
image number 6674
image: 6675
grave: 49638
Thomas Finlayson
image number 6675
image: 6676
grave: 49639
Isabella Finkerton Forrester
image number 6676

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