Nikolce Anastasov grave monument in Public cemetery, Gisborne, Victoria, Australia

Nikolce Anastasov grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Nikolce Anastasov
Angela Anastasov
daughter of Nikolce Anastasov
Kayla Anastasov
grand daughter of Nikolce Anastasov
Maddison Anastasov
grand daughter of Nikolce Anastasov
Benjamin Anastasov
grand son of Nikolce Anastasov
Ethan Anastasov
grand son of Nikolce Anastasov
Bobby Anastasov
son of Nikolce Anastasov
Phillip Anastasov
son of Nikolce Anastasov
Jonathan Anastasov
son of Nikolce Anastasov
Joshua Anastasov
son of Nikolce Anastasov
Mary Anastasov
wife of Nikolce Anastasov
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image: P1080318
grave: 492001
Friedrich Rudulf Bopp
image number P1080318
image: P1080319
grave: 492002
Valerie Kathleen McNaughton
image number P1080319
image: P1080320
grave: 492003
Hans George Hagemann
image number P1080320
image: P1080321
grave: 492004
Colin James Rickard
image number P1080321
image: P1080322
grave: 492005
George John Cassells
image number P1080322
image: P1080323
grave: 492006
image number P1080323
image: P1080324
grave: 492007
James Francis Peavey
image number P1080324
image: P1080325
grave: 492008
Thomas James Kemp
image number P1080325
image: P1080326
grave: 492009
John Alexander Bennet
image number P1080326
image: P1080327
grave: 492010
Dallas John Neilson
image number P1080327
image: P1080328
grave: 492011
Nikolce Anastasov
image number P1080328
image: P1080329
grave: 492012
Cornelius Klaaysen
image number P1080329
image: P1080330
grave: 492013
Melva Betty Grinter
image number P1080330
image: P1080331
grave: 492014
Victor Ernest Mead
image number P1080331
image: P1080332
grave: 492015
David Joseph Varrese
image number P1080332
image: P1080333
grave: 492016
Betty Mary Wileman
image number P1080333
image: P1080334
grave: 492017
Vera Isabelle Nunan Nunan
image number P1080334
image: P1080335
grave: 492018
Kathleen Foster
image number P1080335
image: P1080336
grave: 492019
Dennis George Yannopoulos
image number P1080336
image: P1080337
grave: 492020
William John Benson
image number P1080337
image: P1080338
grave: 492021
Jimmy Ang
image number P1080338

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