Ernest Wilmot Wallis grave monument in Public , Gisborne, Victoria, Australia

Ernest Wilmot Wallis grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Ernest Wilmot Wallis
31/03/1993831910first name on monument
Lorna Wallis
daughter of Ernest Wilmot Wallis
Janet Wallis
daughter of Ernest Wilmot Wallis
John Wallis
father of Ernest Wilmot Wallis
Bertie Charles Palmer
father-in-law of Ernest Wilmot Wallis
Gertrude Wallis nee Ball
mother of Ernest Wilmot Wallis
Vi Sarah Victoria Palmer nee Reid
mother-in-law of Ernest Wilmot Wallis
Elma Mena Wallis nee Palmer
05/01/2009931916wife of Ernest Wilmot Wallis
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image: P1080125
grave: 491810
James George MacDonald
image number P1080125
image: P1080126
grave: 491811
John Alexander McKerral
image number P1080126
image: P1080127
grave: 491812
Helga Wiseman
image number P1080127
image: P1080128
grave: 491813
Martha J Chandler
image number P1080128
image: P1080129
grave: 491814
Brian Charles Atlas
image number P1080129
image: P1080130
grave: 491815
Mervyn William Webb
image number P1080130
image: P1080131
grave: 491816
James A McNamara
image number P1080131
image: P1080132
grave: 491817
Keith Stuart Sutton
image number P1080132
image: P1080133
grave: 491818
Janet Catherine Evans
image number P1080133
image: P1080134
grave: 491819
Patricia Fella
image number P1080134
image: P1080135
grave: 491820
Ernest Wilmot Wallis
image number P1080135
image: P1080136
grave: 491821
James Keith Curtis
image number P1080136
image: P1080137
grave: 491822
Charlotte Mary Wallace
image number P1080137
image: P1080138
grave: 491823
Douglas Croxford White
image number P1080138
image: P1080139
grave: 491824
Melinda Jayne Stores
image number P1080139
image: P1080140
grave: 491825
John William Lowe
image number P1080140
image: P1080141
grave: 491826
Betty Catherine Holden
image number P1080141
image: P1080144
grave: 491827
Maurice Dunne
image number P1080144
image: P1080145
grave: 491828
Frederick L Atkinson
image number P1080145
image: P1080146
grave: 491829
John Johnstone Clark
image number P1080146
image: P1080147
grave: 491830
Raymond C Chaplin
image number P1080147

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