John Seth Williams grave monument in Public cemetery, Gisborne, Victoria, Australia

John Seth Williams grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
John Seth Williams
John Seth Williams
father of John Seth Williams
Joseph Jones
father-in-law of John Seth Williams
Mary Jones nee Jones
mother-in-law of John Seth Williams
Sarah Ann Williams nee Jones
1954921862wife of John Seth Williams
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image: P1070725
grave: 491454
Margaret Summerbelle Grieve
image number P1070725
image: P1070726
grave: 491455
Coulson Alexander
image number P1070726
image: P1070727
grave: 491456
Charles A Collins
image number P1070727
image: P1070728
grave: 491457
Thomas Alcorn
image number P1070728
image: P1070729
grave: 491458
James Alcorn
image number P1070729
image: P1070730
grave: 491459
image number P1070730
image: P1070731
grave: 491460
Margaret Clark
image number P1070731
image: P1070732
grave: 491461
John Funston
image number P1070732
image: P1070733
grave: 491462
Gayle Maree Smith
image number P1070733
image: P1070734
grave: 491463
Alexander McAlpine
image number P1070734
image: P1070735
grave: 491464
John Seth Williams
image number P1070735
image: P1070736
grave: 491465
William McCorkell
image number P1070736
image: P1070737
grave: 491466
Thomas McCorkell
image number P1070737
image: P1070738
grave: 491467
James Nethery
image number P1070738
image: P1070739
grave: 491468
William Peter
image number P1070739
image: P1070742
grave: 491469
Lillian Andrews
image number P1070742
image: P1070743
grave: 491470
Emily Mary Martin
image number P1070743
image: P1070744
grave: 491471
Stanley Ernest Matcott
image number P1070744
image: P1070745
grave: 491472
Leslie George Hughes
image number P1070745
image: P1070746
grave: 491473
Magdalene Margaret Hughes
image number P1070746
image: P1070747
grave: 491474
Edwin Frederick Hughes
image number P1070747

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