Emily Jane Price grave monument in Beaulieu , Beaulieu, Hampshire, England

Emily Jane Price grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Emily Jane Price
1918321886first name on monument
W G Price
husband of Emily Jane Price
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image: 359
grave: 486649
Audrey Pattillo
image number 359
image: 360
grave: 486650
Mary Ann Dunkason
image number 360
image: 361
grave: 486651
Isabel Robbins
image number 361
image: 362
grave: 486652
John George Self
image number 362
image: 363
grave: 486653
Job Shelley
image number 363
image: 364
grave: 486654
Frances Shelley
image number 364
image: 365
grave: 486655
James Read
image number 365
image: 366
grave: 486656
Fanny Lambert
image number 366
image: 367
grave: 486657
George Read
image number 367
image: 368
grave: 486658
Charles Read
image number 368
image: 369
grave: 486659
Emily Jane Price
image number 369
image: 370
grave: 486660
William Holman
image number 370
image: 371
grave: 486661
Emily Louisa Holman
image number 371
image: 372
grave: 486662
Charles Bull
image number 372
image: 374
grave: 486663
Ellen Thomas
image number 374
image: 375
grave: 486664
Frederick Tupper
image number 375
image: 376
grave: 486665
Frederick Tupper
image number 376
image: 377
grave: 486666
W G Eagle
image number 377
image: 378
grave: 486667
Frederick Crouch
image number 378
image: 379
grave: 486668
Lilly Elizabeth Sarah Crouch
image number 379
image: 380
grave: 486669
James Thomas
image number 380

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