Gravestone Photographs Resource breadcrumb list for grave 47708Details of grave number 47708 at Oxbridge H ext Stockton-on-Tees for Albert Ridsdale

Albert Ridsdale grave monument in Oxbridge H ext cemetery, Stockton-on-Tees, Durham, England

Albert Ridsdale grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Albert Ridsdale
Margaret Ridsdale
1986921894wife of Albert Ridsdale

Breadcrumb trail images to help find Albert Ridsdale grave location

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image: 1060404
grave: 47698
William Callender
image number 1060404
image: 1060405
grave: 47699
Thomas Flatley
image number 1060405
image: 1060406
grave: 47700
Thomas William Ackworth
image number 1060406
image: 1060407
grave: 47701
James Jordan
image number 1060407
image: 1060408
grave: 47702
Ellen Rourke
image number 1060408
image: 1060409
grave: 47703
Mary Collitor
image number 1060409
image: 1060410
grave: 47704
John Frederick Lewis
image number 1060410
image: 1060411
grave: 47705
Henry S Parfitt
image number 1060411
image: 1060412
grave: 47706
Elizabeth Lightowler
image number 1060412
image: 1060413
grave: 47707
Thomas Carter
image number 1060413
image: 1060414
grave: 47708
Albert Ridsdale
image number 1060414
image: 1060415
grave: 47709
Walter Dent
image number 1060415
image: 1060416
grave: 47710
Catherine Bulman
image number 1060416
image: 1060417
grave: 47711
George Ceelan
image number 1060417
image: 1060418
grave: 47712
Aleardo Rossi
image number 1060418
image: 1060419
grave: 47713
Catherine Pearson
image number 1060419
image: 1060420
grave: 47714
Tom Cunningham
image number 1060420
image: 1060421
grave: 47715
Frederick Bird
image number 1060421
image: 1060422
grave: 47716
Cecylia Herman
image number 1060422
image: 1060423
grave: 47717
Edward Casey
image number 1060423
image: 1060424
grave: 47718
Elizabeth Toulson
image number 1060424

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