Robert William Sadler grave monument in St Agatha , Gilling West, Yorkshire, England

Robert William Sadler grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Robert William Sadler
187571868first name on monumentEldest son of Arthur and Alice Sadler
Arthur Sadler
father of Robert William Sadler
Alice Sadler
mother of Robert William Sadler
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image: 176
grave: 469767
David Reed
image number 176
image: 177
grave: 469768
Dora Righton
image number 177
image: 178
grave: 469769
Ann Robinson
image number 178
image: 179
grave: 469770
Mary Robinson
image number 179
image: 180
grave: 469771
Mary Robinson
image number 180
image: 181
grave: 469772
Alexander Robinson
image number 181
image: 182
grave: 469773
William Arthur Roper
image number 182
image: 183
grave: 469774
George Rumley
image number 183
image: 184
grave: 469775
William Rumley
image number 184
image: 185
grave: 469776
Thomas Rymer
image number 185
image: 186
grave: 469777
Robert William Sadler
image number 186
image: 187
grave: 469778
Annie Salvin
image number 187
image: 188
grave: 469779
Henry Salvin
image number 188
image: 189
grave: 469780
Jane Severs
image number 189
image: 190
grave: 469781
Leonard Severs
image number 190
image: 191
grave: 469782
John Shaw
image number 191
image: 192
grave: 469783
Jane Shaw
image number 192
image: 193
grave: 469784
William Shaw
image number 193
image: 194
grave: 469785
John Sherwood
image number 194
image: 195
grave: 469786
John Shutt
image number 195
image: 196
grave: 469787
Francis Sill
image number 196

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