Vernon Billing grave monument in The Banks Municipal , Bingham, Nottinghamshire, England

Vernon Billing grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Vernon Billing
2008831925first name on monument
Michael Billing
2006541952son of Vernon Billing
Sylvia Billing
2011831928wife of Vernon Billing
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Breadcrumb trail images to help find Vernon Billing grave location

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image: BCPW 144
grave: 466116
Karen Leslie English
image number BCPW 144
image: BCPW 145
grave: 466117
Denis J Gayton
image number BCPW 145
image: BCPW 148
grave: 466118
Betty Griffin
image number BCPW 148
image: BCPW 149
grave: 466119
Doris May Willis
image number BCPW 149
image: BCPW 150
grave: 466120
Brenda Coy Coy
image number BCPW 150
image: BCPW 150
grave: 466121
Leslie Coy
image number BCPW 150
image: BCPW 151
grave: 466122
John Warrener
image number BCPW 151
image: BCPW 152
grave: 466123
Leon Pye
image number BCPW 152
image: BCPW 154
grave: 466124
Ellen Styles
image number BCPW 154
image: BCPW 156
grave: 466125
Violet Coffey
image number BCPW 156
image: BCPW 158
grave: 466126
Vernon Billing
image number BCPW 158
image: BCPW 159
grave: 466127
Doreen E Cook
image number BCPW 159
image: BCPW 160
grave: 466128
Lillian Caroline Turtle
image number BCPW 160
image: BCPW 161
grave: 466129
Frederick James Stapley
image number BCPW 161
image: BCPW 162
grave: 466130
Glenda J Harris
image number BCPW 162
image: BCExt S 001
grave: 466131
Diana Joan Redford
image number BCExt S 001
image: BCExt S 002
grave: 466132
Beatrice Maud Pointon
image number BCExt S 002
image: BCExt S 003
grave: 466133
Margaret Ellen Beeby
image number BCExt S 003
image: BCExt S 006
grave: 466134
Andrew Jonathon Kemp
image number BCExt S 006
image: BCExt S 007
grave: 466135
Beatrice Evelyn Bradbury
image number BCExt S 007
image: BCExt S 008
grave: 466136
Sheila Pearce
image number BCExt S 008

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