Reginald Austin-Price grave monument in The Banks Municipal , Bingham, Nottinghamshire, England

Reginald Austin-Price grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Reginald Austin-Price
1991821909first name on monument
Doris Austin-Price
2007931914wife of Reginald Austin-Price
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image: BCPW 068
grave: 466050
John Etches
image number BCPW 068
image: BCPW 069
grave: 466051
Myra Carton
image number BCPW 069
image: BCPW 070
grave: 466052
Frederick Richard Bailey
image number BCPW 070
image: BCPW 071
grave: 466053
Jack Cheshire
image number BCPW 071
image: BCPW 072
grave: 466054
Eric Cabourn
image number BCPW 072
image: BCPW 074
grave: 466055
Richard Alan Cabourn
image number BCPW 074
image: BCPW 075
grave: 466056
John William Cragg
image number BCPW 075
image: BCPW 076
grave: 466057
Reginald Franklin Hanson Chambers
image number BCPW 076
image: BCPW 077
grave: 466058
Peter William John Marshall
image number BCPW 077
image: BCPW 079
grave: 466059
Florence Cotton
image number BCPW 079
image: BCPW 081
grave: 466060
Reginald Austin-Price
image number BCPW 081
image: BCPW 082
grave: 466061
Bill McGill
image number BCPW 082
image: BCPW 083
grave: 466062
Timothy Adrian Magill
image number BCPW 083
image: BCPW 084
grave: 466063
Emily Daft
image number BCPW 084
image: BCPW 085
grave: 466064
Henry Plowright
image number BCPW 085
image: BCPW 086
grave: 466065
Douglas Rhodes West
image number BCPW 086
image: BCPW 089
grave: 466066
Jill Happs
image number BCPW 089
image: BCPW 090
grave: 466067
Mary T Jones
image number BCPW 090
image: BCPW 091
grave: 466068
Frederick William Hobson
image number BCPW 091
image: BCPW 092
grave: 466069
Len Sparrow
image number BCPW 092
image: BCPW 093
grave: 466070
Marie Louse Corbett
image number BCPW 093

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