Phebe Adie grave monument in The Banks Municipal cemetery, Bingham, Nottinghamshire, England

Phebe Adie grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Phebe Adie
Sarah Ann Adie
1901621839daughter of Phebe Adie
William Henry Adie
1896861810husband of Phebe Adie
Selina Adie
1903681835relationship not given of Phebe Adie
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Breadcrumb trail images to help find Phebe Adie grave location

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image: BC3 027
grave: 465323
Ann Richmond
image number BC3 027
image: BC3 028
grave: 465324
Helen Dawson
image number BC3 028
image: BC3 029
grave: 465325
Ann Holt
image number BC3 029
image: BC3 030
grave: 465326
Henry Spurr
image number BC3 030
image: BC3 031
grave: 465327
Emma Barratt
image number BC3 031
image: BC3 032
grave: 465328
John Gash
image number BC3 032
image: BC3 033
grave: 465329
Richard Holt
image number BC3 033
image: BC3 034
grave: 465330
John Frederick Shepperson
image number BC3 034
image: BC3 035
grave: 465331
Arthur William Downing
image number BC3 035
image: BC3 037
grave: 465332
William Cowdell
image number BC3 037
image: BC3 039
grave: 465333
Phebe Adie
image number BC3 039
image: BC3 041
grave: 465334
John Barratt
image number BC3 041
image: BC3 042
grave: 465335
George Blagg
image number BC3 042
image: BC3 045
grave: 465336
Amelia Jeanie Doncaster
image number BC3 045
image: BC3 046
grave: 465337
Annie Doncaster
image number BC3 046
image: BC3 049
grave: 465338
Joseph Scothern
image number BC3 049
image: BC3 050
grave: 465339
Eliza Ellen Hall
image number BC3 050
image: BC3 052
grave: 465340
George Huskinson
image number BC3 052
image: BC3 053
grave: 465341
Mary Ann Ingleton
image number BC3 053
image: BC3 054
grave: 465342
George Frederick Ingleton
image number BC3 054
image: BC3 055
grave: 465343
Charles B Doncaster
image number BC3 055

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