Gravestone Photographs Resource breadcrumb list for grave 464171Details of grave number 464171 at Crofton Stubbington for Barbara Gwendoline White

Barbara Gwendoline White grave monument in Crofton cemetery, Stubbington, Hampshire, England

Barbara Gwendoline White grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Barbara Gwendoline White
Lionel Ellinthorpe White
1953641889husband of Barbara Gwendoline White

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image: 1068
grave: 464161
Sarah Agnes Newton
image number 1068
image: 1069
grave: 464162
Joyce Snape
image number 1069
image: 1070
grave: 464163
David Henry King
image number 1070
image: 1071
grave: 464164
Alice Maud Kelly
image number 1071
image: 1072
grave: 464165
Graham Stephenson
image number 1072
image: 1073
grave: 464166
Margaret Dinah Amey
image number 1073
image: 1074
grave: 464167
Elizabeth Anne Webb
image number 1074
image: 1075
grave: 464168
Dorothy May Gunton
image number 1075
image: 1076
grave: 464169
David Seymour
image number 1076
image: 1077
grave: 464170
Howard Bridgwater
image number 1077
image: 1078
grave: 464171
Barbara Gwendoline White
image number 1078
image: 1079
grave: 464172
Mary Ruth Marriott
image number 1079
image: 1080
grave: 464173
Audrey Kirkland
image number 1080
image: 1081
grave: 464174
Joan Backhouse
image number 1081
image: 1082
grave: 464175
Anthony David Atkinson
image number 1082
image: 1083
grave: 464176
Rita Joy Cooper
image number 1083
image: 1084
grave: 464177
Stephen Brian Gell
image number 1084
image: 1085
grave: 464178
A E H Bebb
image number 1085
image: 1086
grave: 464179
Kathleen M Bebb
image number 1086
image: 1087
grave: 464180
J G Maguire
image number 1087
image: 1088
grave: 464181
John Alfred Semmens
image number 1088

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