Lily Grace Simpson grave monument in Parish , Shedfield, Hampshire, England

Lily Grace Simpson grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Lily Grace Simpson
1996811915first name on monument
Frederick Simpson
2002931909husband of Lily Grace Simpson
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image: 479
grave: 462822
Charles Henry Richards
image number 479
image: 480
grave: 462823
Georgina Cornford Borrer
image number 480
image: 481
grave: 462824
George Henry Daysh
image number 481
image: 482
grave: 462825
Allen Western
image number 482
image: 483
grave: 462826
John Alexander Cowan
image number 483
image: 484
grave: 462827
Veronica Myrtle Lawes
image number 484
image: 485
grave: 462828
Patricia Elizabeth Crompton
image number 485
image: 486
grave: 462829
Michael J Keith
image number 486
image: 487
grave: 462830
Elsie Irene Lillian McCarthy
image number 487
image: 488
grave: 462831
Gladys May Parsons
image number 488
image: 489
grave: 462832
Lily Grace Simpson
image number 489
image: 490
grave: 462833
Leonard Jack Read
image number 490
image: 491
grave: 462834
Anthony Royston Thompson
image number 491
image: 492
grave: 462835
Lucy Hellena Reames
image number 492
image: 493
grave: 462836
Wilfred John Chandler
image number 493
image: 494
grave: 462837
Jacqueline Sonia Parkins
image number 494
image: 495
grave: 462838
Steven Alldridge
image number 495
image: 496
grave: 462839
Susannah Riley
image number 496
image: 497
grave: 462840
Marjorie Huxford Chaisty
image number 497
image: 498
grave: 462841
Ethel May Roselind Pearl Pask
image number 498
image: 499
grave: 462842
George Privett
image number 499

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