John Lindsay Sorley grave monument in Parish , Shedfield, Hampshire, England

John Lindsay Sorley grave monument: legible names and details

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John Lindsay Sorley
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Breadcrumb trail images to help find John Lindsay Sorley grave location

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image: 443
grave: 462786
Leonard Cockburn
image number 443
image: 444
grave: 462787
Arthur Charles Beaton
image number 444
image: 445
grave: 462788
Percy Edgar Kirby
image number 445
image: 446
grave: 462789
Frederick Henry Clay
image number 446
image: 447
grave: 462790
Frank Thomas Burnett Smith
image number 447
image: 448
grave: 462791
Maurice William Cann
image number 448
image: 449
grave: 462792
Terrence Frederick Leedham
image number 449
image: 450
grave: 462793
Jackie Portman
image number 450
image: 451
grave: 462794
Ronald James Emery
image number 451
image: 452
grave: 462795
Myron Kemp
image number 452
image: 453
grave: 462796
John Lindsay Sorley
image number 453
image: 454
grave: 462797
June Sheila Duffin
image number 454
image: 455
grave: 462798
William Burkett Wraight
image number 455
image: 456
grave: 462799
Cyril Didymus
image number 456
image: 457
grave: 462800
Betty Sales
image number 457
image: 458
grave: 462801
Kevin White
image number 458
image: 459
grave: 462802
Grace Steele
image number 459
image: 460
grave: 462803
Leonard Cecil Richards
image number 460
image: 461
grave: 462804
Eveline Sophia Clay
image number 461
image: 462
grave: 462805
Ken Keith
image number 462
image: 463
grave: 462806
Grace Lilian Knowlton
image number 463

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