Emily Ann Norfolk grave monument in St Barnabas , Weeton, Yorkshire, England

Emily Ann Norfolk grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Emily Ann Norfolk
1916 first name on monument
John Parker Norfolk
husband of Emily Ann Norfolk
Eliza Mallorie Denison
1951991852sister of Emily Ann Norfolk
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image: 0148
grave: 45678
Walter Hubert Stephenson
image number 0148
image: 0149
grave: 45679
Martha Elizabeth Whiteley
image number 0149
image: 0150
grave: 45680
Christopher Mortimer Walker
image number 0150
image: 0151
grave: 45681
Elizabeth Ann Curran
image number 0151
image: 0152
grave: 45682
Mary Moulton
image number 0152
image: 0153
grave: 45683
J Brown
image number 0153
image: 0154
grave: 45684
Jeremiah W Stoker
image number 0154
image: 0155
grave: 45685
Charlotte Ann Tipple
image number 0155
image: 0156
grave: 45686
Annie Williamson
image number 0156
image: 0157
grave: 45687
Douglas Evelyn Hoy
image number 0157
image: 0158
grave: 45688
Emily Ann Norfolk
image number 0158
image: 0159
grave: 45689
William Rawling
image number 0159
image: 0160
grave: 45690
Ellen Nutt
image number 0160
image: 0161
grave: 45691
Joseph Robinson Fenwick
image number 0161
image: 0162
grave: 45692
John Dyson
image number 0162
image: 0163
grave: 45693
James Mountain
image number 0163
image: 0164
grave: 45694
Phyllis King
image number 0164
image: 0165
grave: 45695
Mabel Alice Knightson
image number 0165
image: 0166
grave: 45696
John Tindall Vicars
image number 0166
image: 0167
grave: 45697
Mary Elizabeth Shelton
image number 0167
image: 0168
grave: 45698
John Henry William Nettleship
image number 0168

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