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Marie Gericke grave monument in Alte Friedhof St Marien-St Nikolai burial ground, Berlin, Berlin, Germany

Marie Gericke grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Marie Gericke nee Salewski
Wilhelm Gericke
1934801854husband of Marie Gericke
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Breadcrumb trail images to help find Marie Gericke grave location

(10 thumbnails before and after the grave with GPR number 456104)

The following thumbnail images are the 10 taken before and 10 after the one for Marie Gericke was taken.

The grave monument thumbnail image for Marie Gericke below has a background colour of green to help identify it.

Hopefully some of these thumbnails will help you locate the Marie Gericke grave.

image: BLNAMNGallertE
grave: 456094
Edmund Gallert
image number BLNAMNGallertE
image: BLNAMNMarxenCT
grave: 456095
Clara Marxen
image number BLNAMNMarxenCT
image: BLNAMNDoringBK
grave: 456096
Berta Doring
image number BLNAMNDoringBK
image: BLNAMNGernhardtE
grave: 456097
Erwin Gernhardt
image number BLNAMNGernhardtE
image: BLNAMNBartRus
grave: 456098
Erich Bartel
image number BLNAMNBartRus
image: BLNAMNStahlbergE
grave: 456099
Emil Stahlberg
image number BLNAMNStahlbergE
image: BLNAMNHermannFE
grave: 456100
Friedrich Albert Hermann
image number BLNAMNHermannFE
image: BLNAMNEnglerE
grave: 456101
Emilie Engler
image number BLNAMNEnglerE
image: BLNAMNKroningM
grave: 456102
Margarete Kroning
image number BLNAMNKroningM
image: BLNAMNKownalka
grave: 456103
Adelheid Kownalka
image number BLNAMNKownalka
image: BLNAMNGerickeMW
grave: 456104
Marie Gericke
image number BLNAMNGerickeMW
image: BLNAMNRaithM
grave: 456105
Mathilde Raith
image number BLNAMNRaithM
image: BLNAMNKeylAF
grave: 456106
Alwine Keyl
image number BLNAMNKeylAF
image: BLNAMNHemmerlingW
grave: 456107
Willi Hemmerling
image number BLNAMNHemmerlingW
image: BLNAMNLangeR
grave: 456108
Reinhold Lange
image number BLNAMNLangeR
image: BLNAMNBalkeG
grave: 456109
Gustav Balke
image number BLNAMNBalkeG
image: BLNAMNFunkeBail
grave: 456110
Helene Bail
image number BLNAMNFunkeBail
image: BLNAMNPlathW
grave: 456111
Wilhelmine Plath
image number BLNAMNPlathW
image: BLNAMNSchaulandE
grave: 456112
Emilie Schauland
image number BLNAMNSchaulandE
image: BLNAMNFriedericiHW
grave: 456113
Hans-joachim Friederici
image number BLNAMNFriedericiHW
image: BLNAMNKalwaitis1
grave: 456114
Wilhelm Kalwaitis
image number BLNAMNKalwaitis1

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