Ann Norfolk grave monument in St Barnabas , Weeton, Yorkshire, England

Ann Norfolk grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Ann Norfolk
1886311855first name on monument
John Parker Norfolk
1916771839husband of Ann Norfolk
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image: 0009
grave: 45537
John Percival Dyson
image number 0009
image: 0010
grave: 45538
William Rathmell
image number 0010
image: 0011
grave: 45539
Nancy Breacliffe
image number 0011
image: 0012
grave: 45540
James Thompson
image number 0012
image: 0013
grave: 45541
John Taylor
image number 0013
image: 0014
grave: 45542
Martha Vicars
image number 0014
image: 0015
grave: 45543
William Vicars
image number 0015
image: 0016
grave: 45544
William Vicars Cover
image number 0016
image: 0017
grave: 45545
John Vicars
image number 0017
image: 0018
grave: 45546
John Parker Norfolk
image number 0018
image: 0019
grave: 45547
Ann Norfolk
image number 0019
image: 0020
grave: 45548
Elizabeth Ann Noble
image number 0020
image: 0021
grave: 45549
George Lee
image number 0021
image: 0022
grave: 45550
John Harper
image number 0022
image: 0023
grave: 45551
Frank Herbert Rawling
image number 0023
image: 0024
grave: 45552
Roland Harper Fenwick
image number 0024
image: 0025
grave: 45553
Hannah Bramley
image number 0025
image: 0026
grave: 45554
Alice Hardcastle
image number 0026
image: 0027
grave: 45555
William Westerman
image number 0027
image: 0028
grave: 45556
Sarah Cowper
image number 0028
image: 0029
grave: 45557
Thomas Wright
image number 0029

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