Gravestone Photographs Resource breadcrumb list for grave 45205Details of grave number 45205 at Durham Road I1 Stockton-on-Tees for Ann Gooderham

Ann Gooderham grave monument in Durham Road I1 cemetery, Stockton-on-Tees, Durham, England

Ann Gooderham grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Ann Gooderham
Emily Gertrude Brown nee Gooderham
1960721888daughter of Ann Gooderham
William Gooderham
1924821842husband of Ann Gooderham
Thomas Henry Brown
1959741885son-in-law of Ann Gooderham

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image: 1060111
grave: 45195
Louis Carline
image number 1060111
image: 1060115
grave: 45196
Henry Davenport
image number 1060115
image: 1060116
grave: 45197
William Coleman
image number 1060116
image: 1060117
grave: 45198
James Horsborough
image number 1060117
image: 1060118
grave: 45199
Florence A Eden
image number 1060118
image: 1060119
grave: 45200
Lillian Wade
image number 1060119
image: 1060123
grave: 45201
Arthur Potter
image number 1060123
image: 1060124
grave: 45202
Elizabeth Metcalfe
image number 1060124
image: 1060125
grave: 45203
Thomas Wilson Hardy
image number 1060125
image: 1060126
grave: 45204
John Ferguson
image number 1060126
image: 1060127
grave: 45205
Ann Gooderham
image number 1060127
image: 1060129
grave: 45206
Charles Shepherd
image number 1060129
image: 1060130
grave: 45207
Sarah Jane Porritt
image number 1060130
image: 1060132
grave: 45208
William Newton
image number 1060132
image: 1060133
grave: 45209
Ada Mary Hodgson
image number 1060133
image: 1060136
grave: 45210
Ralph H Smith
image number 1060136
image: 1060140
grave: 45211
Herbert William Lumley-Calvert
image number 1060140
image: 1060141
grave: 45212
Thomas Davies
image number 1060141
image: 1060142
grave: 45213
May Theodosia Cook
image number 1060142
image: 1060143
grave: 45214
William Walker
image number 1060143
image: 1060144
grave: 45215
George Henry Heppleston
image number 1060144

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