Pauline Heavisides grave monument in Durham Road E2 cemetery, Stockton-on-Tees, Durham, England

Pauline Heavisides grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Pauline Heavisides
Ernest Watson Heavisides
1949781871husband of Pauline Heavisides
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image: 1080829
grave: 44806
John G Clark
image number 1080829
image: 1080830
grave: 44807
Charles Lewis
image number 1080830
image: 1080831
grave: 44808
George Alfred McEwen
image number 1080831
image: 1080832
grave: 44809
Norman Jaques
image number 1080832
image: 1080833
grave: 44810
Lilian Mary Harrison
image number 1080833
image: 1080834
grave: 44811
John Boe
image number 1080834
image: 1080835
grave: 44812
James A B Wood
image number 1080835
image: 1080837
grave: 44813
Leonara Hardwick
image number 1080837
image: 1080838
grave: 44814
William Henry Richardson
image number 1080838
image: 1080841
grave: 44815
Herbert Taylor
image number 1080841
image: 1080842
grave: 44816
Pauline Heavisides
image number 1080842
image: 1080848
grave: 44817
Thomas Thompson
image number 1080848
image: 1080849
grave: 44818
William O Griffiths
image number 1080849
image: 1080850
grave: 44819
Letitia Florence Jaques
image number 1080850
image: 1080851
grave: 44820
David MacNiven
image number 1080851
image: 1080852
grave: 44821
Hugh Smith
image number 1080852
image: 1080853
grave: 44822
Thomas Owens
image number 1080853
image: 1080854
grave: 44823
Richard Richardson
image number 1080854
image: 1080855
grave: 44824
Joseph Umpleby
image number 1080855
image: 1080856
grave: 44825
Maria Quilter
image number 1080856
image: 1080857
grave: 44826
Alice Margrave
image number 1080857

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