Mervyn Herbert grave monument in Blessed Virgin Mary , Kingston St Mary, Somerset, England

Mervyn Herbert grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Mervyn Herbert nee Carnarvon
26/05/19294727/12/1882first name on monument(Memorial inside church); of Tetton; formerly of His Majesty's Diplomatic Service
Henry Carnarvon 4th Earl
father of Mervyn Herbert(Memorial inside church)
Elizabeth Catherine Carnarvon
mother of Mervyn Herbert(Memorial inside church)
Mary Elizabeth Herbert
wife of Mervyn Herbert(Memorial inside church)
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image: KSM193
grave: 437767
Lily Josephine Arnold
image number KSM193
image: KSM194
grave: 437768
Reginald Percy Arnold
image number KSM194
image: KSM195
grave: 437769
Thomas Percy Arnold
image number KSM195
image: KSM196
grave: 437770
Sydney Dan Denslow
image number KSM196
image: KSM197
grave: 437771
Charles Knight
image number KSM197
image: KSM198
grave: 437772
John Stewart
image number KSM198
image: KSM199
grave: 437773
Thomas Dyke
image number KSM199
image: KSM200
grave: 437774
Bridget Anne Herbert
image number KSM200
image: KSM201
grave: 437775
Thomas Dyke
image number KSM201
image: KSM202
grave: 437776
Mary Elizabeth Herbert
image number KSM202
image: KSM203
grave: 437777
Mervyn Herbert
image number KSM203
image: KSM204
grave: 437778
Elizabeth Catherine Howard
image number KSM204
image: KSM205
grave: 437779
Edward H A Herbert
image number KSM205
image: KSM206
grave: 437780
Allan Percy Harty Molyneux Herbert
image number KSM206
image: KSM209
grave: 437781
Mary Ann Vickers
image number KSM209
image: KSM210 & 211
grave: 437782
Evelyn Platt
image number KSM210 & 211
image: KSM212
grave: 437783
Copplestone Warre Bampfylde
image number KSM212
image: KSM213
grave: 437784
John Bampfylde
image number KSM213
image: KSM214
grave: 437785
Francis Warre
image number KSM214
image: KSM215
grave: 437786
Francis Warre
image number KSM215
image: KSM216
grave: 437787
R Anderson Gault
image number KSM216

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