Mary Ann Kettle grave monument in Boatmans Hill cemetery, Sandwich, Kent, England

Mary Ann Kettle grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Mary Ann Kettle
Norton Kettle
1862321830brother of Mary Ann Kettle
Charles Henry Kettle
1866211845brother of Mary Ann Kettle
Thomas Kettle
father of Mary Ann Kettle
Sarah Kettle
1878791799mother of Mary Ann Kettle
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image: 1169
grave: 437020
Sarah Denne
image number 1169
image: 1170
grave: 437021
John Waller
image number 1170
image: 1171
grave: 437022
Fanny Waller
image number 1171
image: 1172
grave: 437023
J Smith
image number 1172
image: 1173
grave: 437024
James Alfred Jacobs
image number 1173
image: 1174
grave: 437025
Valentine Burley
image number 1174
image: 1175
grave: 437026
J B Carr
image number 1175
image: 1176
grave: 437027
Henry Pay
image number 1176
image: 1177
grave: 437028
George Farndon
image number 1177
image: 1178
grave: 437029
Elizabeth Kettle
image number 1178
image: 1179
grave: 437030
Mary Ann Kettle
image number 1179
image: 1180
grave: 437031
Eleanor Bean
image number 1180
image: 1180
grave: 437032
William Bean
image number 1180
image: 1180
grave: 437033
Emily Bean
image number 1180
image: 1181
grave: 437034
Susannah Powell Stokes
image number 1181
image: 1182
grave: 437035
Thomas George Cole
image number 1182
image: 1183
grave: 437036
Mary Ann Cole
image number 1183
image: 1183
grave: 437037
T G Cole
image number 1183
image: 1184
grave: 437038
Jessie Priest
image number 1184
image: 1185
grave: 437039
Ann Hudson
image number 1185
image: 1186
grave: 437040
Frederick Charles Stone
image number 1186

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