Robert Wilson grave monument in Hindmarsh , Hindmarsh, South Australia, Australia

Robert Wilson grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Robert Wilson
20 first name on monument
Agnes Wilson
1927621865mother of Robert Wilson
William Wilson
1926751851relationship not given of Robert Wilson
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Breadcrumb trail images to help find Robert Wilson grave location

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image: 9815
grave: 436753
Gladys Evelyn Ann Parker
image number 9815
image: 9816
grave: 436754
Hepburn Reid
image number 9816
image: 9817
grave: 436755
Amelia Ellen Skevington
image number 9817
image: 9818
grave: 436756
Frederick Joseph Thornton
image number 9818
image: 9819
grave: 436757
John Tresidder
image number 9819
image: 9820
grave: 436758
George Wherry
image number 9820
image: 9821
grave: 436759
May Willis
image number 9821
image: 9822
grave: 436760
William Wilmshurst
image number 9822
image: 9823
grave: 436761
Daisy Maude Wilson
image number 9823
image: 9824
grave: 436762
William Thomas Woodrow
image number 9824
image: 9825
grave: 436763
Robert Wilson
image number 9825
image: 9826
grave: 436764
George Alford
image number 9826
image: 9827
grave: 436765
Alice Alldritt
image number 9827
image: 9829
grave: 436766
Lauritz Barthel Marthin Andersen
image number 9829
image: 9830
grave: 436767
William Andrew
image number 9830
image: 9831
grave: 436768
William Alexander Beck
image number 9831
image: 9832
grave: 436769
Elizabeth Bevan
image number 9832
image: 9833
grave: 436770
Emily Elizabeth Bartleet
image number 9833
image: 9834
grave: 436771
James Bartley
image number 9834
image: 9835
grave: 436772
James Bateup
image number 9835
image: 9836
grave: 436773
William Boscomb
image number 9836

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